Web Site Development Costs

M3Company’s pricing policy is to be fair about pricing yet keep enough revenue coming in to profit and grow.  This philosophy will assure our clients that we will be around for many years to come and that we will provide them with a complete and reliable service whatever their needs.

Those who are familiar with M3Company pricing will note a small increase recently that was necessitated by higher gas prices, increased web hosting, server security issues, and reliability cost.

Web Site Hosting and Blog Hosting  

·       $25 per month for small 3-5 page web sites paid annually

·       Entry Level E-commerce plan hosting is $95 per month (includes 2-3 pages of content change maintenance monthly and 50 total product database)

·       Stand alone Blogs will be $180 per year to host

Web Site Design and Blog Packages

·       Starting at $695 for a basic 4 page website

·       Stand alone blogs can be built on our server for $400 and hourly rates on free blog maintenance.

·       Development may be billed with hosting services over one year to help defray the cost for qualified businesses

·       Most packages are set-up with client’s written content with editing help by our staff.  We do offer copywriting services by our experienced direct mail marketing staff.

·       Most Packages include some market research,  search engine promotion and hosting

·       Blog add-ons will be hosted for a $10 additional monthly fee

·       M3 also does redesigns priced per project

Search Engine Promotion

·       Done on an hourly basis – average 10-20 hours over 6-8 months ($1000-$2400)

·       Cost Estimates given up front

·       We always suggest preliminary research to avoid getting your website to the top of a search engine for the wrong search terms. In some competitive markets or new products we will recommend additional research to uncover hidden search terms potential clients will use to find your product or service.

·       In some markets we will advise other means than SEO to achieve market success for your service or product.

·       We reserve the right to require your site be hosted on our web hosting servers to protect our proprietary SEO techniques. There are occasions where M3 will contract to do a rewriting of your website pages content which will help with search engine ranking. Unfortunately that is only part of the ranking equation. Many hours will need to be spent gaining links to your site from other websites. All main search engine’s website ranking rules give precedence to those sites with a higher number of quality inward links.

Domain Name Registry

Use M3Register for your domain name registration.

$25 for 1 Year, $60 for 3 Years $75  for 5 years. All design and hosting packages offer domain registration as it is a prime component of Search Engine Optimization

Internet Market Research

·       $125 per hour

·       Focus groups, benchmarking, competitive analysis and research reports are individually priced

·       Social Networking and target Market blog research now included in all Social marketing packages.

·       Marketing support plans priced according to complexity ranging from $950 to $9,500

Please feel free to inquire about custom arrangements or more specific details of the above services.   We also have special discounts for nonprofits and schools. .
M3Company accepts American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Through the PayPal Secure credit card transactions Interface