Internet Market Business Plan

M3Company marketing service will design a complete small or medium size Internet Business Market Plan to assure the success of your business and aid you in obtaining financing or investors for your company.

  • M3 will provide you with several scenarios of a proposed plan

  • We do the complete review of your business to determine your key competitive assets

  • We do a complete review of your competition or potential competition on the internet

  • You will know the exact cost for each step in your future market plan 

We have a combined 43 years of marketing plan design and development experience.  M3Company utilizes the standard methods of creating a business plan as well as finding new and creative marketing approaches that are specific to the Internet. Most banks will accept our plan format.




Internet Market Research

Market Research is the indispensable tool that all successful businesses use to assure a positive response to a new product or service launch.

  • Know whether or not your product or service will sell

  • Be able to predict which terms to promote in the search engines that will bring in the most new business

  • Be able to provide more targeted ads

  • Don't waste valuable resources on the wrong audience

  • Know what your competition is up to

We'll get to know your business almost as well as you do. We've learned that in the internet business world we have to keep working until we open some doors to new resources or markets. At M3Company we do not work for any direct competitor in your market area as long as you are our client. And we consider all information you share with us to be proprietary in nature and will not divulge to any third parties without your permission. This applies to our Search Engine, Design and Hosting as well.


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