Web Site Design and Hosting

M3 Company's quality web site design takes into consideration:

  • Your target audience

  • Your Potential Visitor usability

  • Your business persona or corporate culture

  • Your web site becoming a place to visit often

  • Your visitors not getting lost

  • Functionality and cross browser friendliness

M3Company will present your business as solid and dependable.  It doesn't matter if you sell real estate or widgets.


A high speed connection to the internet is important if you want to keep customers at your site until they get your message.  The M3Company web server is connected to the Internet through multiple, redundant high-speed fiber optic links.

Your Internet web site computer server is located in a tightly protected environment, physically secure, and backed up by diesel generating power generators. If your data is important to you than be secure in the knowledge that M3Company has provided a top of the line server in a secure Class A Data Center with tightly controlled physical access. Backups of all data is done daily and incrementally during the day. Also all data is backed up off site, in data centers in 3 separate time zones.

We take care of all the jargon intense networking elements associated with web site administration so you can relax and tend to your business, knowing that the web part is well taken care of by M3Company.

Domain Registrar

M3Company is a full service Domain registrar for its web hosting clients. This saves the client and M3Company much time dealing with domain registrars who are not so keen on helping M3company take away their potential web hosting revenue. All domain registrar companies except M3Registrar require onerous and tedious procedures to change the Domain Name Services (DNS) address from their company to M3Registrar. If that was not bad enough, many of the registrar companies change the procedures often (some weekly) so the process cannot be learned to allow the competitors (M3Company) to save time making these changes. M3Company can obtain any domain name which is desired by our clients. The price for M3Registrar service is 30% less than the Network Solutions the market leader and only slightly higher than dedicated Discount Domain Name Registrar  companies who register millions of names. The real savings for you the client comes from the savings in M3Company costs to set up the website on our web hosting computers.

M3Registrar services are designed for M3Company website development clients who plan to develop a website with M3Company in the near future.


Search Engine Promotion or Optimization (SEO)**

Getting you to the top of the search engine list* and keeping you there is our specialty. We have been doing it for 13 years. M3Company can have your site appear in the first 3 pages of all the main search engines and for most clients, a number one page listing for the main term people use to find your type of business.

We have been keeping up with all the methods to get on top of search engines and directories since 1996.  A lifetime in internet years.

Why do you want to be at the top of a search engine for your search term? Because many studies have proven that over 93% of the web surfing public use search engines to find information about their next purchase. And 98% of businesses use the internet and more specifically, search engines, to research their next vendor purchases or check for information on their competitors. 

Compare that with the fact that more people are coming on-line all the time and you can see why the internet search engine has become more popular than the yellow pages for finding products and services. 

Recently Google started incorporating Blog information in its search results. M3Company previously did not encourage blogs as a serious SEO tool. Google Changed this. M3Company has always offered to build and maintain blogs but now we are encouraging our clients to consider building one to stay on top of the Search Engine Rankings.

The current connectivity rate in the US is over 91% and some areas are higher than 95%. (Northern Virginia is one of those)

Connectivity is defined as a computer at home or work connected to the internet and used for making purchases, researching future purchases, communicating with other businesses, co-workers, or loved ones.

Having your site listed in a search engine is not enough.  In order to develop large volumes of traffic, you must be listed within the first two web list pages for the term or phase being searched. This is because studies have shown that 98% of the people searching will not go past the first 2 pages of the search results web site listings. In addition, the latest research shows that fewer than 11% of searchers go beyond the first rankings page.

* Search Engine Defined
- a web site on the Internet where one can enter a term or phrase, press return key and be provided with a list of web sites that relate to that tern or phrase.

Search engine companies like Google, Yahoo, BING, Ask.com, etc. contain billions of web pages. In Google the average search time to retrieve thousands of pages is a few seconds for just about any conceivable search term entered.

**SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the process of making sure your web site is listed  higher than your competitor web sites for a key word used to find your type of business.



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