Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing Techniques Explained

A page one position #1 Ranking on Google and other search engines straightaway like Bing and Yahoo makes your target market aware of you product or service and enhance your chances of selling to them. Do you look past the first few listings when doing an Internet search for information or purchases? Neither does anyone else.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process that helps enterprise websites get high ranking on most search engines. The SEO goal is to help businesses get top ranking on the search engines and to monetize that ranking with large numbers of visitors to the client business location, many of who become customers or clients.

With 85% of prospects now shopping online versus offline, having a website which has been optimized by the SEO Process and other Search Marketing Techniques helps businesses improve their bottom line results.

Here are 3 key take away points:

1. Seek Engine Optimization (SEO) - This is the appendage which helps to order your website or job organically in search engines. This framework helps to gain a larger recognition of your website so that a larger group becomes knowledgeable of your commerce, products, services and location etc.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) - Pay per Click bidding for top spots on the sponsored results (adds at top and side of the natural listings) is type of search marketing where you bid on search terms to allow your add to appear for those terms on the page. Typically they receive about 35 % of the total clicks on a search listings page and the Natural Listings receive 65% or the rest of the clicks occuring on a page.

3. Cultural Media Optimization - Party Media Marketing is a appendage through which your website is listed on social media sites much as Face book, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Twitter etc. It is a widely utilized framework to build name recognition and increases your clicks from those Social Media groups which may be interested in your product or service.



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